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Hospital administrations across North America agree: making excellent first and last impressions is essential to building trust and loyalty with patients. However, many remain unclear as to when and where these impressions are formed.

It’s certainly not when interacting with clinical staff, as is often thought.

It’s not in lobbies or waiting rooms.

It’s not even at building entrances.

Instead, it's at parking and transportation touchpoints — service areas that are traditionally undervalued or, more worrylingly, completely overlooked.

Read Impark HEALTH’s complimentary white paper to learn:

  • How to craft exceptional first and last impressions with patients and visitors using tried-and-tested strategies.
  • Why parking and transportation touchpoints should be treated and managed as “patient transition zones.”
  • How you can reduce the patient anxiety triggers in your patient transition zones today.


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Patient Transition Zones:
The Gateway to a Superior Patient Experience

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