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When a person seeking clinical care enters a medical campus, they experience an identity shift. They are no longer recognized by name, personality, and other distinguishing features. Instead, they are a patient: a member of a group seeking care for an illness, injury, or disease.

It’s this identity shift that marks the beginning of the patient experience; an isolating transition that, if mismanaged, can become fraught with stress, anxiety, and dread.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Creating an environment of care from patients’ very first moments on campus can diffuse negative feelings, build rapport and loyalty, and provide a positive framework for the rest of the patient journey.

To meet this end, healthcare providers must carefully and consciously manage the physical space within which the identify shift occurs and patients spend their first moments in the hands of their healthcare provider.

Impark HEALTH has coined this space the “Patient Transition Zone.”

Download our complimentary white paper to learn:

  • Why every hospital administration in the world should consciously identify, design, and manage on-site patient transition zones.
  • How Impark HEALTH’s unique patient transition zone approach can improve patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.
  • How to craft exceptional first and last impressions with patients and visitors using tried-and-tested strategies.


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Patient Transition Zones:
The Gateway to a Superior Patient Experience

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